AFS Best Practices workshop 2005
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conjuntion with Carnegie Mellon University
Each day of the AFS Best Practices Workshop will be broken into four 90-minute sessions with breaks in the morning and afternoon, plus a mid-day break for lunch (on your own).

We will be meeting in in McConomy Auditorium, on the 1st floor of the University Center

Wednesday, June 22

Time Event Speaker Comments
09:00 Welcome & Keynote Mike Kazar, NetApp AFS vs NFS

"I'll talk about which ideas from which systems have caught on, and why. I'll also talk about what ideas will be hot over the next 20 years in storage."

10:30 Coffee Break Mister Coffee Stretch Your Legs, Check Your Email
11:00 Status of the AFS Worlds Derrick Brashear, Carnegie Mellon University

Jeff Altman, Secure Endpoints

Love Hörnquist-Åstrand, Stockholm University


Status of OpenAFS

Status of OpenAFS for Windows

Status of Arla

Status of Kerberos

12:30 Lunch On your own
13:30 Tools (1) Ernest Koeberlein, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Russ Allbery, Stanford University

Giovanni Bracco, ENEA

AFS Metrics: Bringing Data to Life, One Bit at a Time

Daemons, PAGs, and Automated Authentication

A Virtualized OpenAFS Cell for Debugging & Experimentation

15:00 Break During the break, the sponsor of the Conference Reception, Sun, will offer a brief talk and demo of their latest toys
15:30 Backups Matt Benjamin, Linux Box Corp & Marcus Watts, University of Michigan

Kris Webb, Teradactyl

Backup Strategies

Considerations when Choosing a Backup System

18:00 Conference Reception Shatz Dining room, University Center Reception thanks to sponsor Sun, who will have representitives on hand to answer your questions

Thursday, June 23

Time Event Speaker Comments
09:00 Fun With Cells and Realms Tracy Di Marco White & Thomas Kula, Iowa State University

Henry Hotz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dexter Kimball, CCRE/JPL

NetBSD, Kerberos & AFS: From Zero to Distributed Filesystem in N Easy Steps

After the Kerberos 5 Upgrade, What Next

AFS Cell Profile

10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 ... and Windows too Asanka Herath, Secure Endpoints

Hugo Meiland, Leiden University

David Tanner, MIT

Khimaira: A Unified User-interface for AFS and Kerberos

Using Kerberos to Get the Best of Both Worlds

The New OpenAFS Windows Client: How Reliable & Robust Is It?

12:30 Lunch On your own
13:30 Trolling AFS Client Internals Roman Mitz, Carnegie Mellon/Qatar

Rodney Dyer, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Ken Hornstein, NRL

A View of Rx

Prototype for a Windows Remote Desktop Web System Utilizing AFS

Progress Report on RxTCP

15:00 Break Naptime! Because we're all old
15:30 Tools (2) Russ Allbery, Stanford University

Simon Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh


AFS Adminstration Tools

Kerberos within Automatically Configured Systems

Special Presentation: RAID 6 or RAID 5: Which Is Better For Your Data?

17:15 Board Busses for a dinner cruise at the parking circle outside the UC Dinner & Cruise courtesy of AC&NC, transportation courtsey of SineNomine Associates

Friday, June 24

Time Event Speaker Comments
09:00 General discussion Talk about your cell and your critical issues Everybody!
10:30 Coffee Break Mister Coffee Email Your Legs, Stretch Your Check
11:00 Final Talks & Wrapup Margarete Zeimer, Sine Nomine Associates

Ken Hornstein, NRL

Derrick Brashear, Carnegie Mellon University

Commercial Support for OpenAFS


Things You Shouldn't Do With AFS