Asanka Herath, Secure Endpoints -- Khimaira: A Unified User-interface for AFS and Kerberos

Khimaira is a plug-in based application that allows users to manage AFS tokens, Kerberos tickets and associated configuration information. This will be availabl e for Windows and will be the System Tray UI framework adopted for both KFW 3.0 and O AFW 2.0.

On Windows, the disjoint between afscreds and Leash32 has been a long standing proble m. Over time, this problem has been lessened by adding AFS token management features to Leash32. However it has been problematic to integrate user interface changes to Leash32 as development of OpenAFS progressed. Khimaira solves these problems by havi ng a plug-in extensible architecture. The main application itself does not have any knowledge of AFS or Kerberos and relies on individual plug-ins to provide this knowledge. The OpenAFS and MIT Kerberos plugins can be maintained independently of the core application allowing individual projects to add or manage features on their own. As a result, users are able to use Khimaira as a single front end to manage credentials and configuration for both OpenAFS and Kerberos.

Slides: Khimaira