The 2015 North American
AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
AFS 30th Anniversary Edition
Pittsburgh, PA August 17 - 21

A family friendly gathering of AFS and Kerberos users, administrators and developers; novices and experts; and everyone in between.

Who should attend?

EVERYONE interested in deploying a globally accessible file system
EVERYONE interested in learning more about real world usage of Kerberos authentication in single realm and federated single sign-on environments
EVERYONE who wants to share their knowledge and experience with other members of the AFS and Kerberos communities
EVERYONE who wants to find out the latest developments affecting AFS and Kerberos
EVERYONE who wants to meet the developers and community leaders of their favorite AFS and Kerberos implementations

Special Panel Discussion

A 30th Anniversary Retrospective on Cloud Computing: From the Andrew Project to the World Wide Web

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