Using Vagrant for OpenAFS

  • Amar Bhandari, IBM
  • Kailas Zadbuke, IBM
  • Todd DeSantis, IBM

This presentation will talk about How Vagrant can be used in setting up development & testing environment of Openafs.

Vagrant is an open-source tool that helps us to automate the creation and management of Virtual Machines. Vagrant creates the Virtual Machine on top of each physical machine, automatically installs and setups all the components/packages mentioned in configuration file. It provides a ready start-to-work Virtual Machine instantaneously. Using the vagrant box, it is possible to create multiple identical VM.

For Openafs, vagrant can be used to create multiple identical development & testing sandboxes. For Admins, if we provide the vagrant box with the latest Openafs pre-installed, admins can quickly configure the VM as server/client and start their testing. Admins will not need to build the Openafs, as it will be already installed in vagrant box.