A History of RX Connection Management

  • Jeffrey Altman, AuriStor, Inc.

AFS 3.0 shipped with an RX Connection defined by an 8-tuple (source address, source port, destination address, destination port, epoch, cid, direction, security index) and all was good. Over the course of the next three decades various changes were introduced intended to improve reliability or security. Examples include ignoring the source address; the introduction of high epoch-bit processing; security index restrictions; and connection peer migration. Although the intentions were good these changes introduced security vulnerabilities (OPENAFS-SA-2003-002) and new connectivity issues. This presentation will review the history of RX from AFS 3.0 to the present day in IBM AFS, OpenAFS and AuriStorFS. It will explain the various changes, when and why they were introduced; describe the problems they caused; and make recommendations for the future.