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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Stanford, California
May 7-11, 2007
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Thursday 10 May

Speaker Title
Simon Wilkinson, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Moving to OpenAFS
Less than two years ago, the School of Informatics decided to move to using OpenAFS as their core distributed filesystem. This talk will look at why we selected AFS, rather than NFSv4, examine the social and technical issues of moving an existing userbase over to today's AFS offerings, and look at what we see as the issues we'll encounter in the future.
OpenSSH, PAM & AFS, an unholy trinity?
Lots of people run into problems with getting OpenSSH to work with the various Kerberos and AFS PAM modules currently available. This short talk examines the way that all of OpenSSH's processes work together to authenticate the user, how the various different options (priviledge seperation, keyboard-interactive vs password, threaded PAM) change this, and explain the ultimate effect on whether you can actually get a PAG or not.