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June 1-5, 2009

Stanford University

Friday 5 June 9:00am

Location: Tresidder Memorial Union - Oak Lounge

Speaker: Richard Brittain

Title: Long-term and short-term storage of Research Data in the AFS cell


The cell has been a part of the Dartmouth College computing infrastructure since the 1980s. Over time, the use of the cell has shifted from mainly housing thousands of user home directories and email storage and supporting many client systems of various platform types to its current use, mainly housing home directories for a few hundred researchers and students, supporting a few multi-user AFS clients running computationally-intensive applications, and providing short-term and long-term storage of research data.

Scientific researchers typically generate, manipulate and store data for many years, and need secure, scalable, robust storage. In addition to those features, AFS allows cell administrators to work with individual researchers to provide custom solutions to their storage needs.

We will present some ways we are currently supporting the storage of research data at Dartmouth, including backup strategies and implementation, use in data acquisition settings, and dealing with practical size limitations.

Authors: Richard Brittain, Dartmouth College Research Computing
         and Anne Salemme, Dartmouth College Technical Services