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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Ann Arbor, Michigan
June 12-16, 2006
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Tutorials and Workshop take place in at University of Michigan.

Friday 16 June

Speaker Title
Tom Keiser, Sine Nomine Associates fast start-stop / demand attach fileserver
This talk will cover a new set of OpenAFS fileserver extensions that were commissioned by a client of SNA. This talk will cover the major changes resulting from this work:
  • modifications to the volume package to support:
    • lock-less I/O
    • demand attachment of volumes
    • parallel shutdown of the fileserver
    • online salvaging of volumes
    • automatic detachment of inactive volumes
  • creation of a salvageserver daemon
  • modifications to bos and bosserver
  • creation of a mechanism for saving/restoring fileserver state:
    • host package state
    • callback package state
  • changes to the fileserver installation process
  • changes to fileserver administrative procedures
  • new debugging/introspection utilities



University of Michigan