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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Stanford, California
May 7-11, 2007
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Thursday 10 May

Speaker Title
Rich Sudlow, University of Notre Dame - Center for Research Computing OpenAFS - A HPC filesystem?
This talk is similiar to one 1 presented 10 years ago on Distributed Filesystem performance. The heart of the talk would be on performance testing done using Sun's new X4500(thumper) storage server using a Extreme Networks 10 Gb network infrasturcture with a minimum of 8 x 1 Gb clients. Talk will also touch some on client tuning in order to obtain good data rates disk vs memcache and also look at the filesystems necessary to support good data rates out multiple clients.
While detailed comparison will not be made I'd like to talk briefly in general of how OpenAFS compares with NetApp's GX and Lustre. The answer to the title of the paper will be left to attendees. In summary I'll present that OpenAFS provides many positive features necessary for HPC computing.