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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Stanford, California
May 7-11, 2007
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Wednesday 9 May

Speaker Title
Daniel Kouril, Masaryk University Kerberos and Grid systems
Grid computing provides a computational model for solving complex problems. While current Grid systems are most often based on PKI providing a scalable authentication mechanism, a lot of domains connected to Grid system use Kerberos as their local authentication protocol that is based on different principles.
In this presentation we will describe our experiences with combining the Kerberos and Grid environment. We will present user-side tools that can be used for easy handling of Kerberos and Grid credentials (a plugin for the NetIDMgr framework) and their use in ssh clients. Server-side part will be described too, demonstrated on GSI-ssh server based on the mechglue library.
We will also desribe how VOMS (a grid attribute service) can be integrated with Kerberos services to provide an efficient access control mechanism. An overall use-case will be presented, which provides a gateway for sending computational jobs between our Kerberos domain and the EGEE grid environment.