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AFS & Kerberos
Best Practices Workshop 2006

In conjuntion with the University
of Michigan

An Introduction to AFS and it's Best Practices

June 12, 2006 from 9 am to 5pm.

Speakers: Alf Wachsmann, SLAC and Esther Filderman

Now that AFS has become available through an open source license, it is available to sites and IT groups of all sizes. Although the use of AFS is simple, setting up your own AFS servers can be a rather daunting task.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to be able to get going with your own AFS cell, or to improve upon the cell you've already started working with. We will provide as many examples as possible, but this is NOT a hands on class.

Topics include:

The day will be 4 90 minute sessions with breaks in the morning and afternoon, plus a mid-day break for lunch [which will be provided].

Slides are available - Userid: afsworkshop Password: kerberos

Location of ws [AFS-aware Find, as mentioned in the class]:


Current Attendees are:

  1. Richard Alexander, CSCS
  2. Russ Allbery, Stanford University
  3. Peter Bircher, ETHZ
  4. Adam Bisaro, UMich
  5. David Boldt, USGS
  6. Giovanni Bracco, ENEA
  7. Richard Brittain, Dartmouth University
  8. Mark Cross, Duke University
  9. Pietro D'Angelo, ENEA
  10. Brian Davidson, George Mason University
  11. Steve Devine, MSU
  12. Tracy Di Marco White, Iowa State University
  13. Jay Elvove, University of Maryland
  14. Jane Florez
  15. Chris Fruewirth, University of Notre Dame
  16. Michael Garrison, UMich
  17. Heather Goldsby, Michigan State University
  18. Nick Hinkle-DeGroot, UMich
  19. Eric Holp, Michigan State University
  20. Kenneth Hornstein, NRL
  21. Adrian Jones
  22. Bob Kaneshige
  23. Digant Kasundra, Stanford University
  24. Ubaidul Khan, GMU
  25. Daniel Kouril
  26. Tom Kula, Iowa State University
  27. Jay Kusler, MSU
  28. Andrew Lang, Kansas University
  29. Will Maier, University of Wisconson
  30. Terry Maluk, USGS
  31. Sean O'Malley, Michigan State University
  32. Robert Petkus, BNL
  33. Dan Pritts
  34. Jeff Quinn, Michigan State University
  35. Martin Sager, UMich
  36. Charles Stuart, UMich
  37. Serge Torres
  38. Neil Tweedy, University of Michigan
  39. Peter van der Reest, DESY
  40. Alf Wachsmann, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  41. Kevin Walsh
  42. Jason White
  43. Tony Winkler, UMich