OpenAFS as Persistent Storage using Container Storage Interface plugin

  • Pravin Junnarkar, IBM
  • Todd DeSantis, IBM
  • Yadavendra Yadav, IBM
  • Indira Sawant, IBM

This talk is in continuation of last year’s talk on OpenAFS CSI Plugin. It will focus on certain enhancements in CSI plugin mainly on handling volume lifecycle management along with security considerations. We are also trying to add operator support for CSI plugin, where AFS CSI Plugin will be added as custom Resource in K8s and will be managed by Operator.

This talk will also focus on a Testing framework designed for OpenAFS CSI. This testing framework has been developed using Kubernetes python APIs which provides easy portability on various platforms. The framework covers exhaustive scenarios like many pods accessing single Openafs volume, one pod accessing multiple volumes, etc. This framework is having a modular design which makes it easy to test different scenarios like parallel Read/Write of volumes, ReadOnly access to volumes, create/delete multiple volumes at a time. One can also make use of this framework for OpenAFS workload testing by allowing hundreds of threads to run in parallel to access volumes. The framework supports a declarative model that helps in extending test matrix easily.