Handling DAFS volume packages dynamically through fssync-debug

  • Ganesh G Chaudhari, IBM
  • Kailas Zadbuke, IBM
  • Indira Sawant, IBM
  • Todd DeSantis, IBM

The fssync-debug is a command suite that allows low-level inspection and control of the DA file-server volume packages. Running this command suit requires understanding of the volume finite-state machine and their various volume states. A finite state machine is a computation model that is implemented considering the various AFS volume states and used to simulate sequential logic. Finite state machines can be used to model problems in many fields. fssync-debug command suit operates at an extremely low-level and hence requires detailed knowledge of the AFS architecture and code. As a part of presentation, we will cover various volume states and how to dynamically handle DAFS volume packages using command suit options of fsync-debug like; attach, detach, online, offline, callback, etc. We will also touch on analogous command suit salvsync-debug and FSM flow during this talk.