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May 24-28, 2010

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Wednesday 26 May 2:30pm

Location: 1320 Digital Computer Lab

Speaker: James Barlow

Title: How hackers are (ab)using AFS


In the last decade and a half I have been an AFS and kerberos administrator (6 years), full time security engineer (9 years), and an avid AFS proponent and user. In that time I have been waiting and watching for any evidence of miscreants knowledge or abuse of AFS. It was finally within the last year that we discovered our first case of hackers actually being familiar enough with AFS to start abusing it. In this talk I will cover security problems we have seen over the years because of misconfiguration, along with some of the more recent security incidents where hackers are using their knowledge of AFS for abuse. I will also cover security best practices for sites that are using AFS.