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May 24-28, 2010

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Thursday 27 May 12:00pm

Location: 1320 Digital Computer Lab

Speaker: Roland Dowdeswell

Title: Introducing: KNC and Kharon


KNC and Kharon are open source Kerberos tools. KNC is simply Kerberised NetCat, that is it constructs an mutually authenticated and encrypted connexion using Kerberos in an analogous way to netcat. Kharon is an OO RPC framework designed to be used for rapid client/server application development in scripting languages such as Perl.

During this talk we will motivate and discuss the design of Kharon as well as constructing a simple Kerberised application using KNC and Kharon from the ground up in Perl as well as talk about applications written in Kharon such as our Kerberos administrative framework.

Slides: PDF