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Thursday 22 May 3:30pm

Location: Second Floor of Campus Center at NJIT


Tracy Di Marco White (Iowa State University)
Russ Allbery (Stanford University)
Jeffrey Hutzelman (Carnegie Mellon University)
Cesar Garcia (Morgan Stanley)
Alistair Ferguson (Morgan Stanley)

Title: AFS Cell and Kerberos Realm Configuration and Administration Panel


An open discussion on the best ways to layout and manage your AFS cell and Kerberos realm.

AFS Questions to be addressed:

  1. Are weekly restarts a good idea?
  2. Should salvager be run periodically?
  3. Fast restart.  Good idea or bad?
  4. What volume naming conventions are good or bad?
  5. How should home and project volumes be mounted within the directory tree?
  6. How to make best use of @sys?

Kerberos Questions to be addressed:

  1. LDAP database backend, good or bad?
  2. Password expiration policies
  3. Cross-realm key exchange policies
  4. Which enc-types should be supported?
  5. How to migrate off of Kerberos v4?

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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2008: Thursday Session 4