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Thursday 22 May 1:30pm

Location: Second Floor of Campus Center at NJIT

Speaker: Matt Benjamin (LinuxBox)

Title: Cache Bypassing AFS Client


Relying in part on research work performed at CITI from ~2001, we have adapted the AFS (Unix) cache manager to selectively bypass the dedicated disk or memory cache for reads, and, are adding support for cache-bypassing writes.  Currently, cache-bypassing behavior in this implementation (unlike CITI's originally) is tunable based on file size.  Support for other strategies is planned.  This talk will discuss details of the current implementation, performance gains over memcache (any chunksize, Linux), and ways to better accommodate the feature with existing internal "API" (afs_rdwr and related functions).

Slides: PDF

AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2008: Thursday Session 3 Slot 1