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Thursday 22 May 9:30am

Location: Second Floor of Campus Center at NJIT

Speaker: Thomas Kula (University of Michigan)

Title: Introducing pyremctl, and a case study in using remctl


Remctl is a simple protocol developed at Stanford for running commands remotely using Kerberos v5 authentication. Along with standalone client there are bindings for Perl, Java and now Python. A brief overview of the Python bindings will be given.

At the University of Michigan we have been replacing various home-grown (and home-mutated) protocols with remctl. This talk will discuss why we chose to do this, how we are doing that and how well the replacement has been going and will describe our experiences in making the replacement.

Slides: kula-pyremctl.pdf

AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop 2008: Thursday Session 1 Slot 2