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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Ann Arbor, Michigan
June 12-16, 2006
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Tutorials and Workshop take place in at University of Michigan.

Wednesday 14 June

Speaker Title
Russ Allbery, Stanford University Wallet, a system for secure data distribution and management
I will give a brief overview of remctl, our system for authenticated remote command execution, and then a more detailed look at the wallet system that we are building on top of it. The wallet will be used for distribution of keytabs, SSL private keys, database passwords, and any other data that has to be kept secure (or possibly generated on the fly), accessed only by authorized people, but not regenerated manually each time. Special emphasis will be put on fine-grained and scalable access control, including leveraging existing authorization systems. *Hopefully*, a preliminary implementation will be available for people to look at by the time of the workshop.
Russ Allbery, Stanford University Web Authentication Overview
A high-level overview of the current available web authentication systems (so that all the experts on the individual systems in the audience can correct me on details), a look at what the big challenges still outstanding are, and a look at how different systems can play nicely together. I will use WebAuth as a case example in places, but audience participation from developers and deployers of other web authentication systems is encouraged.



University of Michigan