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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Ann Arbor, Michigan
June 12-16, 2006
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Tutorials and Workshop take place in at University of Michigan.

Thursday 15 June

Speaker Title
Henry Hotz, JPL Integrated, Kerberized Login on MacOS X
Apple has only provided limited documentation of how Kerberos is supported during the login process. I'll present a step-by-step overview of what they do, how you can hook into it, and how to work around the bugs in the current 10.4 authorization services implementation. Once the mechanisms are understood, Apple's Open Directory LDAP support can be used to minimize the need for client customization. If service tickets for ancillary services (like AFS) are needed then it's best to add them as a Kerberos plug-in rather than directly to the login authorization process.



University of Michigan