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AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop
Ann Arbor, Michigan
June 12-16, 2006
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Tutorials and Workshop take place in at University of Michigan.

Friday 16 June

Speaker Title
Asanka Herath Developing plug-ins for Network Identity Manager
The Network Identity Manager is a plug-in extensible identity management application that is distributed with MIT Kerberos for Windows 3. This is built on top of the Khimaira framework introduced at the Best Practices Workshop in 2005. The application relies on plug-ins to handle the logistics of dealing with different types of credentials and identities. Currently, it supports Kerberos 5, Kerbeors 4 and with the OpenAFS plug-in available separately, AFS tokens.

While the functionality currently provided would be sufficient for most organizations and individuals, some may have specific requirements or may need support for other credential types. This presentation will demonstrate the architecture behind the Network Identity Manager and how to develop custom plug-ins that extend it to support these credentials management needs.



University of Michigan