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AFS & Kerberos
Best Practices Workshop 2005

In conjuntion with Carnegie Mellon University

An Introduction to Kerberos and it's Best Practices

Speaker: Ken Hornstein, Naval Research Labs

June 21, 2005 in Rangos 3, on the 2nd floor of the University Center from 9 am to 5 pm

-------- Slides are available - Userid: afsworkshop Password: kerberos --------

With its adoption by diverse vendors such as Microsoft, Sun, and Apple, Kerberos has become the de-facto standard for enterprise authentication.

Sadly, the documentation for Kerberos has never been its strong point. Many administrators find the lack of "big picture" documentation a hinderance to the use of Kerberos, and how it interacts with AFS has always been an endless source of confusion.

The goal of this tutorial is to de-mystify Kerberos, and explain its role within AFS. While this will not be a hands-on tutorial, participants are encouraged to ask specific questions related to issues they have with Kerberos at their site. Topics will include:

Participants who ask questions about gsslog will be pelted with overripe fruit.

The day will be 4 90 minute sessions with breaks in the morning and afternoon, plus a mid-day break for lunch [which will be provided].

Attendance is limited to 60 people.
Current Attendees are:

  1. Thomas Kula
  2. Bram Vogelaar
  3. Hugo Meiland
  4. Rodney Dyer
  5. Tracy Di Marco White
  6. Terry McCoy
  7. Michele Decker
  8. Jim Durand
  9. Eldon Norton
  10. Ray Pasetes
  11. Giovanni Bracco
  12. Pietro D'Angelo
  13. Cesar Garcia
  14. Kurt Seiffert
  15. Michael Polek
  16. Francesco Taurino
  17. Joseph Vilas
  18. Steve Shipway
  19. Matt Cocker
  20. Eric Chung
  21. Ted Creedon
  22. Mee-You Lee
  23. Russ Allbery
  24. Andrew May
  25. Eriko Nurvitadhi
  26. Brian Davidson
  27. Rich Sudlow
  28. Celeste Copeland
  29. Sandro Angius
  30. Enrico Fasanelli
  31. Kris Webb
  32. Prasad Dharmasena
  33. Alexander Latimer
  34. Glenn Wolosh
  35. Kim Kimball
  36. Bethlynn Eicher
  37. Paul Mazaitis
  38. Robert O'Meara
  39. Robert McDivett
  40. Jonathan Billings
  41. Eizan Miyamoto
  42. Philip Dye
  43. Robert Smith
  44. Longjiang Yang
  45. D'arcy MacIsaac
  46. Tom Link
  47. Charles Huppmann
  48. Derek Morr
  49. Haichuan Yang
  50. Matt Benjamin
  51. Alf Wachsmann
  52. Claudio Soprano
  53. DJ Byrne
  54. Wei-Gung Sun
  55. Jeff D'Angelo
  56. Renata Dart
  57. Duncan Hutty
  58. Chad Ziccardi